5 healthy problem in the Morning

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Sometimes we underestimate the little things in the morning, which led to our activities. If it were so, the work can be undone, and we did not live the spirit of the day passed.
Not only that, this effect could also continue to ill health. You have to understand the body as well, so that our health will remain intact. Mistakes were made in the morning should be avoided.
Then what mistakes we often make in the morning? Here’s the explanation:
1. Startled out of bed
During sleep, our muscles like the back often becomes stiff. For that, you do not get too bersemangan to immediately get out of bed. But do first stretch, so stiff muscles can relax. Instead of seeking to cepet activity, muscle spasms can be instantaneous.
2. Closing the window
Some people may be reluctant to open the window in the morning, especially on weekends. But it is dangerous to health, because the air in the room needs to be replaced with fresh air. Usually the morning air feels fresher, and it is very good for health.
3. Worked too hard
On the morning usually some of us will work hard, and retrieve the rest in the afternoon or evening. But you know, if we should build a good mood in the morning, can rest a moment, and forget about problems while work to improve mood. If not, the stress will haunt you.
4. Setting an alarm
If you want to move in the morning, do not set the alarm to coincide with the activity. Make sure the two or an hour earlier you set the alarm. Normally we would turn off the alarm, and then fell asleep again, and usually after 10 minutes passed we often shocked to immediately hurried away. And it’s not good for the body.
5. Doing exercise
Many people who immediately got up, immediately do sports activities. Sport itself is healthy, but if it is done before breakfast, your body actually vulnerable to disease. At least, do breakfast 30 minutes after you wake up. After that, you are free to do sport or activity strenuous enough.
May be useful for those who wish to maintain health. Especially that often make these mistakes in the morning. May we always be health.
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