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Tired at the beginning of the week not only due to lack of sleep or the workload is too heavy. There is a trivial activity that you do not realize resulted in prolonged fatigue.

Time cites pages, experts explain what activities that make physical and mental fatigue.

Bolos sports
Exhausting weekend, then you should not skip regular exercise for fear of getting sore. Regular exercise will actually boost endurance and helps the heart work better.

Less drinking
Less than 2 percent of the drinking water needs of the body, was able to reduce energy. Dehydration makes blood volume decreases. That is, the heart must pump more powerful. It was exhausting.

Iron deficiency
Always tired, irritable, and unfocused is due to iron deficiency. If the supply of iron is less, the circulation of oxygen to the muscles and body cells too slow. That is why the body is weak.

Being too perfect to make you work harder and longer than necessary. You set high goals, so always feel satisfied. Remember health at work.

Hit by excessive anxiety? The sign, you always think of the worst case scenario of an event. Mentally, it gets tiring. The effect will also be up to a tired body.

No breakfast
During sleep, the body will utilize nutrition to work. When awake, it has been depleted of nutrients. Though the brain, heart, and others have to keep working. Fill “fuel” with breakfast.

Fans of junk food
Sugar-laden foods such as junk food and carbohydrates increase blood sugar. Increased spontaneous sharp decline followed, will make the body tired. Keep your blood sugar stable.

“Yes Man”
Always say “yes” to others can also be exhausting. If asked to do extra work to have to sacrifice yourself and drain energy, learn to say “no”.

Messy office
Office desk cluttered room or space, psychologically affect the body tired. You are so hard to focus. It also limits the ability of the brain to process information.

Working during the holidays
Still let work interfere during the holidays, can make a tired brain. Turn off electronic messages or calls from the office during the holidays. Take advantage of the maximum relaxation time.

Alcohol before Sleep
Initially, alcohol has a calming effect and suppress the brain’s neurons. However, alcohol can also stomping sudden adrenaline system. After drinking, you will often wake up middle of the night.

Main phone
Checking electronic messages on a smart phone, or just play it before sleep, also can make the body tired. Therefore, sleeping so soundly. Brain as if forced to stay awake.

Coffee Addiction
Always start the morning with caffeine can be bad for the body. Caffeine can disrupt sleep cycles. Six hours had coffee before bed time can damage the rest.

Staying up late on weekends
Just because the weekend, you sleep late, stay up. In fact, it makes the body tired. Sleep late in the day, will have an impact on the break in the next day.


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