Change firmware USB ProgISP to USBasp

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Downloader is a tool that is essential for the program to flash the microcontroller which typically uses ATMEGA chip. Most of my friends use the USB downloader type of ASP. Today there are types downloader ProgISP types sold in the market. physically to form between USBasp and USB ProgISP as follows

Problems often occur when using the USB downloader ProgISP. Among the OS does not recognize the driver, there is also a “USB Unrecognize”. To overcome this, there should be flashing firmware USBasp.

Step 1: 

1. USBasp
2. USB ProgISP
3. Cord Jumper
4. Laptops / computers
5. Program flashing [Khazama / eXtreme Burner]
6. Firmware USBasp, download here

Step 2 

Open the case and connect with jumper cables between USBasp with USB ProgISP using pin configuration

USBasp          USB ProgISP
Pin 1                Pin 1
Pin 2                Pin 2
Pin 3                Pin 3
Pin 4                Pin 4
Pin 5                Pin 5
Pin 6                Pin 6
Pin 7                Pin 7
Pin 8                Pin 8
Pin 9                Pin 9
Pin 10              Pin 10
Step 3

Jumpers on the bottom of USB ProgISP

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Konfigurasi Jumper pada USB ProgISP

Step 4
Flashing using USBasp  firmware

Flashing USB ProgISP dengan firmware USBasp
After flashing, release the jumper, then plug in the downloader into port usb
note : Red LED when firmware ProgISP, and Leb is blue when it is using firimware USBasp
Success Flashing  to formware USBasp
After downloader blue and at check in “device manager” recognized as a significant process change firmware USBasp USB USBasp ProgISP be successful. 
May be useful.
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