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Have you thought about your life in the next 5 years? It would be like if your life at that time? When you are faced with a question like that, it seems you have not been able to answer with certainty.Man will never know what his future later. But, if you want a much better life in the next 5 years, you can begin to try it with this.

1. Perform Sports Types That You Can Also Perform At Old Age

When you’re young, you will be risking your health for the sake of money. But when old age, you will be risking all of your money to your health. Before it’s too late, diligent exercise to maintain health and fitness of your body today and in the future.

2. Write Activities Already You Do Every Day

Do not forget to write back what you have done today. Little things like this can make you know how you spend your time. And this will help you to evaluate yourself.

3. Chat With New People Every Day

Try to talk with new people every day. Meet people who you know in advance will not make you have a lot of friends, relations and also new ideas. And you also can train the way you communicate with others.

4. Learn To Be A Good Listener

“If you want to be a good speaker, you have to be a good listener”. When you’re chatting with friends or others, you may prefer to talk rather than have to listen.Change the things that give the same opportunity to the other person to talk.

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5. Do Not Waste A Lot Of Time

You never know what happens tomorrow. Do not let a lot of your time is wasted. Use your time wisely, so that you can get a lot of opportunity and a great chance for your life in the future.

6. Discover Happiness

Find things that make you happy. In addition to doing the things that ye shall do, always sempatkanlah to do the things you want to do. In the future, you can do things that you like it.

7. Be A Good Person And Friend

When you treat those around you with good, then people around you will treat you well. You have a very close relationship with your environment. If people around you are people who are happy, then it will happen to you.

8. Seek As Much Experience As Possible

Do not easily get complacent when you already have expertise in the field. Increment experience in other fields as well. When you have a lot of experience, in addition to new knowledge you will also get a lot of new friends and relatives.

9. Saving
make saving habit since an early age. Although the cost of your life is still covered by your parents, try to always save as your savings. And if you’re already working, each received a cash payday, Save most money for your need someday.10. Lot Of Talking With People Who Are More Experienced Than You
Frequently talk with people who are more experienced than you. Learn and seek advice from them. They will always be happy to provide positive feedback useful to you later.
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11. Pondering

Before going to bed, try to reflect back what you’ve done. If you have recently gone through a bad day, think again. With brooding, heart and mind will being more calm, and you can reduce all your emotions. You could also think more positively. It will train you to become more wise again.

12. Try To Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

Too old to be in a comfort zone will make you trapped. Try to get out, seek new challenges and try to conquer it. When you move your comfort zone keuar, you will find a wide variety of obstacles and barriers that will requires you to learn a lot. And it would make no provision for the future trenilai.

13. Traveling

Go out as far as possible and wherever you want. Traveling will give you a different experience, and will surely make you apart from the fatigue and stress that often hit your daily life. Enjoy your journey, and find new things in it.

14. Befriend People Who Are Different From You

Be flexible person. If you are someone who is serious, humorous look friends. If you have always been among the people who slang, try to make friends with people who are quiet. When you can mingle with a wide variety of characters, you will be able to adapt to the new environment.

15. Give Your Note Dated In Each

Every time you’re going to write something, do not forget to give the date on the top end of your paper. Indeed seem trivial, but it may be very useful for the next few years. In the 5 years to come, most likely you will forget. Notes may be very useful at a later time, which probably you can use as evidence.

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16. Try Reading A Novel

Not everyone has a hobby of reading novels. But know, by reading novels, your mind will be brought to the world’s imagination. When you’ve been swept up into the story, as if you are able to feel and understand the experiences of the main character in the novel. You’re such an experience to learn from other great people.

17. Determine Your Goals Today

Maybe your dream no one has achieved. Maybe it’s because every day you have to change your ambition alone. You can try to determine the destination per day. Write your goals to be accomplished on this day, and at the end of the day, open your notes and see what you’ve managed to accomplish. If you have managed to achieve them all, you will feel a certain satisfaction. And you will be trained to fight for your dream.

The future is a mystery that is not none of you can figure it out. But at least you’re still able to attempt to determine your future. Such as a word to the wise, “t he best way to predict your future is to create it.”

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