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Age 20 is the age for the various lines that define a person’s life. At the age of maturity has begun to form well, life choices also can be taken with rational. 
Big decisions are also waiting for you to take at this age, determine what direction your life will be taken. Including decisions about money and jobs. This time Hipwee will give way to manage money and deal with the workload, especially for you who are the age of 20.
1 Never Too Voters At Work First
At the age of 20, some of you must have already had a chance to make money themselves. Whether it’s from a part-time job or directly set foot in the working world full time after graduation. All options unfold before your eyes, sometimes you get confused which one should live. 
One is for sure: for you to try out the new first job, do not be too picky. Your first job may not directly offer fantastic earnings or bonuses abound. But that’s where you can learn about business from scratch and work ethic will take you to success.
Your first job is to learn so early doors transform a qualified person and worth keeping. Take every opportunity that comes, no need to be picky. It’s much better than the unemployed and missed learning opportunities.
2 Keep Ala Students For Life Saving Early Years Life-saving for some current 
The biggest mistake young people after the age of 20 can earn their own income is exceeding their ability to spend money. First paycheck often makes young people go crazy, to spend money on financial capability possessed.
Liz Weston, author of The 10 Commandments of Money, suggests that young people have a new first job to ignore the salary they earn during the initial few years.
“Most people would be more successful financially if still living frugally as a student in the first few years – until they can more wisely manage the expenditure”.
3. Wait  To Achieve Various desire Problem Ownership Matter, Until You Financially Strong
After the first salary, if you want to realize all wishes that moment is not it? All it wants to buy, a variety of activities to do because it was able to produce its own money. 
The desire to have a variety of items and try a variety of experiences is certainly legitimate to want to do. Only, do not be too hasty. First wait until your financial condition is completely stable to do so.
Delaying taking car payments and persist with your bike for a few years, still living in the boarding is simple and does not move into the apartment – it can bring a big change in your life. The key is just one: wait until you’re really strong financially.
4 Always For crops So 5 Specific Part
Li Ka-shing, Asia’s richest people share how to live prosperous. He always split the revenue generated to the 5 special post:
Cost of living
Social costs and entertain friends
Funds to develop qualities of self
funds tourist
Fund to invest
By dividing income into 5 specific post, so you have more control over spending. Budgets swell suddenly inevitable. You’ve got a clear guideline, wherever money can be spent.
5. Have fun with Specific Approach
Regardless of big or little income you have, you still have the right to have fun. In fact, you have to have a good time so as not to face the stress of workload keep coming every day.
The key to be able to have fun but stay safe financially is to make the activities fun theme each month. For example, this month you can walk out of town. Next month you can shop and make-up books.
The main purpose of creating a theme per month is that you do not lose the ability to regulate themselves and wasting your money on unnecessary things. You may still have fun anyway with the results of your hard work. Only, you can not get them all at the same time.
6. Create Two Accounts: Account For Routine And Special Savings Account
No intention of saving salary anyway, but if all the money is held in the hand it feels really exhausted as much as any fixed salary aja ya? Demi could save the salary of a sudden vanish without a trace, you can make 2 different accounts which have the purpose of each.
The first account is for recurrent expenditures, while the second account specifically earmarked for the deposits. This second account you may not be brain-tweaking, regardless of the circumstances.
By dividing the money into 2 different accounts you can clearly separate the money as needed. Daily needs and savings will no longer mixed-mixed and confused.
Intention to save salary there, but if all the money is held in the hand it feels really exhausted as much as any fixed salary? To be able to save the salary of a sudden vanish without a trace, you can make 2 different accounts which have the purpose of each.
The first account is for recurrent expenditures, while the second account specifically earmarked for the deposits. This second account you may not be brain-tweaking, regardless of the circumstances.
By dividing the money into 2 different accounts you can clearly separate the money as needed. Daily needs and savings will no longer mixed-mixed and confused.
7. Careful With Social Spending
Largest expenditures (which are often unrecognized) by young people aged 20 years is social spending. Hang out in the cafe after work with my friends, make a pact to eat somewhere iced tea only cost 20-thousand to an invitation to watch the weekend that the price of the ticket 2 times the normal price.
All of that, if not carefully regulated, can eat away at your money coffers dramatically. To be safe, you need to have a specific budget for social needs. Set aside your salary each month to budget streets and socializing with friends.
If the money in the budget has been exhausted, it means you are no longer able to go hang out activities and get-togethers coming up next month. This way you will be able to organize themselves. If you want to continue to join in the revelry with a friend, you must be smart to choose the order.
8. Learning to Say “No” On The Call Limit Exceeded Your ability Friends
In addition to the cost of hanging out together for social needs, other costs that often drain the bag often comes from the invitation of friends. Suddenly you’re invited to the streets to Japan in mid-year. Though money is actually your savings are not enough to charge a trip to overseas.
Dare to say no to friends who do not fit the capability could be a lifesaver steps to your financial life. Friends does not mean always having to do all the things together. Recognizing the ability of yourself and be careful about spending will not make you lose a true friend, really
9. Prestige is Not Determind By How Cool Your Gadgets
Have an iPod, MacBook Pro, iPad, Android tablet with a high resolution and the iMac seemed to be a sign that you’ve made​​. Yup, gadget ownership is often so great for young people spending their 20s who are just starting to learn to make their own money.
Can hold high-tech items that cost many times as much of your salary so that you can be proud of in front of colleagues. Though the success and prestige is not only determined from gadgets, tablets.
Can manage money, have a stable investment instruments and have savings for an emergency fund will be make to avoid a financial disaster. Any sophisticated gadgets will not be able to save you from a sudden need. Instead of saving and investing money who could
10. Do not Apply For Credit Card You Still Not Need
Credit cards are offering promos and various facilities are tempting. But if not careful, you could get stuck in the cycle of high-interest debt. It helps you to avoid the temptation to thicken faith SPG credit card smoothy.
Make a habit of paying all cash needs. If forced to use the card, use a debit card from an account designated for routine expenses. This way you can be more assertive to yourself to spend money in accordance with the income that you have.
Avoid using the same credit card to avoid debt and interest multiplied
11. Don’t to long Dorm, mortgage installments Consider To Start
Dorm room rental fee does not seem so burdensome each month. Especially if you are smart to choose a dorm room, cheap and convenient. But, if calculated in the long-term budget for rent boarding can be used for other needs. Besides you do not want it forever be children boarding?
After 5-7 years of work, it is better you start considering to repay a home through the mortgage process. Through this process you who already have at least 2 years work experience can apply for a loan to the bank to get the funds could be used to pay off dream house.
Why 5-7 years? Why not after 2 years of work, just add a collateral mortgage? Because your mortgage to be approved, you need to have a down payment of at least 30% of the price of the home you want to buy. 5-7 years need to raise funds down payment (DP) house.
Mortgage installments also be important reasons why you should avoid credit cards. Credit card installment is not paid on time can lower your credit performance, until it is not possible to reject the bank mortgage loan applications that you gave.
Though now almost impossible you could buy a house with cash without the help of banks. Unless your parents are landlords or oil king, anyway. Mortgage loan it will feel burdensome in decades of your life.
But to have their own home you will be far more secure financially. Moreover, the house can also be a profitable investment property, is not it?
12. Start Learning To Invest
one of the ways that you are financially secure until old age is to learn to invest such a young age.
Various investment instruments can you jajal. Ranging from foreign exchange, mutual funds, capital markets play in investment property until tested. The point is do not leave your money in the bank remained silent. Take advantage of the savings that you have to generate more money through investments.
13. Becoming Entrepreneur.
Very rare person who can be a millionaire but the rest of his life so employees. Usually they are very successful in the field of financial risk-taking by trying to start their own business. No need drastic left your job if you’re not entirely sure.
Try to start a business in the field that you are interested in a part time basis first. Yet now many conveniences that technology can help.
You can run your efforts via online so that you can do on the sidelines of the press of work kantoranmu. When it actually produces, then you can get out of your routine work and focus to businesses that want you pioneered.
14. Difficult life isn’t problem for a while time
There was never a success that came in overnight. Even Wu Shihong, manager of IBM and Microsoft just started her career from being a power cleaning service. People as successful as he is just starting his career from the bottom.
So, do not be afraid to start working with a low salary. Do not be afraid to live in boarding houses or modest rented for some time. Do not be afraid to not have a cool car and instead use public transport in order to invest.
Do not be afraid to look less trendy than the environment around you. Remember, you’re concerned about trying to live a little hard for the sake of wealth that you will enjoy in the future.
15. Set aside Money For Health Insurance And Pension Fund Plan
Although the company has been providing health insurance, no health insurance usually does not cover corporate special cases. Health funds you need to plan from the beginning, if you do not want to suddenly go bankrupt because of health posts budget.
Set aside money to pay for health insurance premiums more thorough. Take also a savings plan to prepare for retirement. Most young people feel able to delay the retirement plan. Though since your first salary to the account, you and the preparation of pension funds as if it was racing against time.
16. Hard Works, Smart Works

This is the most important of all. If you are already invested, have already educational OK, but if you do not have the fighting spirit to say goodbye to the expected wealth. While you’re still young, maximize your time to focus on work and employment.
Come the morning to the office, do your work as much as possible. Use the time you have with tactical. Show me the best of your ability every day. Take advantage of existing technology and tools to assist your work.
Work effectively and efficiently so that you do not waste the ability that you have. Not only works apes, you also need to work smart.
That was the financial advice you are properly used by the new 20s. Hopefully by doing so you can tread life more organized and brings many benefits for self and others, yes.
Have a nice life!

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