How Touchscreen Works

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Touch Screen or also called The screen is a touch screen that can interact with the user through the touch of a hand on layarnya.Sensor found on the touch screen is in the form of a panel of glass surface is able to capture the response to a touch on the media, also known as touch sensors.

Right now most people are already using the mobile phone, which has a touch screen facility, because it serves to facilitate a person to operate the mobile phone. So with a touch screen monitor that also facilitate a person in running a program that can interact directly with us.

How it Works Touchscreen 
A touchscreen display simplest consists of three main components in the work. The components are as follows: 
1. The Touch Sensor 
2. Controllers 
3. Software drivers 

Touch Sensor 
Touch sensor is an outside layer of the receiver input of the monitor. 
Input from the touchscreen is a touch, hence the sensor is also a touch sensor.

For more details about touch screen, view this video

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